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Client Profile: SpectraGlass Ltd
SpectraGlass Ltd was founded in 1983 and are the UK's leading manufacturer of specialised industrial glass. They offer a comprehensive range of engineered products in a variety of materials to suit the exacting standards demanded over the broad spectrum of applications of major industries such as steam, power, refining, papermaking, brewing, lighting, electronics, optical, domestic appliances, chemical and research and education. All SpectraGlass products are produced to vigorously applied international standards to meet safety regulations in numerous hazardous environments, whether high temperature, pressure or chemically corrosive.

Site Features:
This is a database driven e-commerce website that integrates with the WorldPay plc payment client for all secure transactions. Standard products are stored directly in the database with custom products and prices generated dynamically from the infinite combinations of shape, size, length, diameter and material that can be manufactured.

Our custom shopping cart has been programmed to allow quantity discounts, minimum order quantities, currency conversions and carriage calculations for world wide delivery. Website designed, maintained and hosted by WebXeL on our dedicated servers.

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